Benefits of Using a Router Table

Router table is an important woodworking equipment. Basically, the router is mounted on it so that the hands will be freed and relieved of the strain that may occur as a result of long handling of the table. However, this is not the only benefit a router table gives especially top rated brands and models from Nowadays, as technology is improving, router table manufacturers are adding a lot of features in their products. Thus, with a router table, woodworkers can achieve a lot and obtain more benefits that they would have from a basic table. Below are some of the notable benefits that one can obtain from a router table.

Precision and speed

Mounting a router on a table gives the user high precision which he or she will not obtain when working with a handheld router. A router table comes with a fixed cutting bit and this makes it possible for the user to pass the wood through without the wood moving itself to any direction. Regardless of the fact that the operator’s knowledge on how the router table should be used determines the machine’s actual precision, the fixed cutting bit it comes with also helps to improve the precision of the router table.

The use of router table also enhance the speed at which the user works thanks to the precision it gives. When one is working with a router, there is no worry about the router going out its course. This makes it possible to be able to move the workpiece at a high speed and he will still be able to get good cut leading to enhanced substantial output.

Enhanced safety and easy maintenance of the router

The use of router table makes for the easy maintenance of the router mounted on the table. This is because with a router table sawdust does not enter the router table niches instead it drops on the table with a small amount dropping on the router and below the table. Besides, the maintenance of the router table itself does not involve any complex process and this makes it one of the easiest woodworking tools to maintain. Secondly, it is safer to use a cutting bit than to use a moving one. The cutting machine itself also comes with its safety mechanisms.

Depth of cut

The bit assembly of a router table is easily accessible and fixed and this can easily and quickly be modified. With this arrangement, it is easier to choose and modify the cut’s depth even when one is engaged in a complex multi-depth cuts. Users with little experience will also find this aspect of a router table very useful.